Android 21

Android 21

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While I was surfing Online about some interesting android facts, I found this word Android 21.

Then, I followed that thread and learned something new. I can’t go without sharing this with you.

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What is Android 21?

Android 21 is a Person? NO, it’s fictional Charector :O in the Dragonball Game.

Oh no, are you crazy?

Hey Man, First of all, I’m not a Game Player, So When I saw this name online, I was so curious to find the story behind this.

Something I Understood, when I research online.

Dragonball is a Game and Android 21 is a Women Charectory and Rumours to come in the next Version.

Debates are hot in Gamers Twitter pages… whatever I am not so much interested in Game apart from Chess.

if you Are a Game Lover – Then You Can Read Manything Online about Android 21.

Still, I have a question, Why Should they Use names like Android?

Do you have any idea about that?

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