Essential Phone PH-01

Essential Phone PH-01 is Here – Modular Phone By Android Creator

Essential Phone The Newly Launched Super Modular Phone Named Essential PH-01 Surprises Technical Experts with its features and made them said it’s unbelievable, Essential is not to made for dumb on heap like that of other Chinese branded low-cost phones in our market today. that is the strength and speciality of yesterday’s wonder. Essential Launches with the aim to compete with top-rated ruling phone brands like Apple and Samsung make sense.

Let’s check out what makes it’s more efficient than other brands…

Andy Rubin Essential Launch
Andy Rubin at Essential PH 01 Launch Event

MAN Behind Scenes :

Essential is a Dream come true for Andy Rubin his passion gives the birth of essential.. Those who ask for who is this Andy Rubin? doesn’t know the history or base of the world-famous OS Android for sure.

Andy Rubin is the co-creator of Android Google owns android from Andy in the Year of 2005, thereafter, Andy continued working as a vice president n google mobile and digital content, in 2013 Sundar Pichai took his place and popularized hence Andy begin to think of a company with scientifically advanced technology products of 21 st generation. Essential is the stepping stone of it.

What Andy Tells About Essential

The Thing you purchase with money is your own, You shouldn’t want to see anything useless ( hence this phone contains no name in it ) no useless apps. We would like to go friendly with other brands,
age-old scientific environment( slap to apple) is purely confusing as well as outdated

The best manufacturing products and the expensive raw materials used in it should reach people

technology should be user-friendly (privacy comes first, Andy is telling about the private data security ensures to the customers that their data doesn’t link with clouds)

simple is always good and humble

Essential PH 01
Essential PH 01

Whats Variety?

Essential manufacturers are claiming their device is a future-proof, Always turn this device as new as now and in future by sticking accessories that are the strength of modular concept phone data can be transfer wireless without the interruption of any codes also it built-in magnetic connectors so its very easy to attach accessories in it… no such brands ever think of such technologies yet…
So Expand-ability phone leads to a Better Tomorrow

Essential PH 01 Back
Essential PH 01 Back

Build Quality Matters

Phone manufactures with perfection, Top Rated brands built their costly phones with glass or aluminium here essentials used to built device Titanium,
The reason why titanium is used to built rocket and transplantation of human bones is it is unbreakable, scratch-free, as well as being shape for a lifetime.
hence essential phone doesn’t need a phone case.

The Back Portion is built-in Ceramic and the front screen decorates with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 finishes with display experience of irresolution QHD (2560 x 1312)

Essential PH 01 Side
Essential PH 01 Side

Competing Samsung S8 of 5.71-inch screen. This is the only one bezel-free phone yet, the front cam is positioned to centre made it more attractive

the phone runs with android nougat 7.1.1 version ( doesn’t make any issue any new version can run easily ) and it is powered Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor
( Kryo 280 Octa-Core ( 2.45GHz Quad + 1.9GHz Quad ), 64 bit, 10nm processor GPU: Adreno 540, 710MHz, 4GB RAM, 64 GB is Internal Memory now but 128 GB is coming soon
There is a debate on Android Purity – Andy’s android vs Google Pixel on the Way

it also features with USB TYPE – C, Finger Print Scanner on the back, powered with 4 microphones ensures new special feature of magnetic connectors


built with 3040mAh battery with super-fast charging is possible with a magnetic connector through the docking station


The Essential phone sports a dual-camera system on the rear consisting of two 13-megapixel sensors wherein one is standard RGB while the other is monochrome.
The dual-camera system, because it has a monochrome sensor, is able to take in more light and should theoretically aid in better low light photos.
A similar set-up is seen in phones like Huawei’s P9 and the Honor 8.

The system, in addition, comes with Laser and Phase Detection Auto-focus, a dual-LED (dual-tone) flash and support for 4K video recording. On the front,
the Essential phone comes with an 8-Megapixel camera which is also capable of recording 4K videos, through magnetic connectors, we can attach 360-degree camera.

Essential PH 01 Back with Modular Camera
Essential PH 01 Back with Modular Camera

How Much Does it COST?

it starts from 699 $ approx Rs 45,200
phone with 360-degree camera Priced 749 $ approx Rs 48,400

Modular Phone

this port is most priced secret possession in this phone not only the 360-degree camera but also we can attach many more accessories in future thus
ensure the phone of future never grow old as the dream of Andy


about 40 % of the market is crossed by Samsung and Apple phones so far with mobile providers. does this new essential will come across without
the back up of any providers should be a thoughtful Andy already created public meet about the launching of essential
for the time being it is impossible to predict the future…

Essential Home

essential launched their wire size new speaker to compete with google home and amazon echo for this speaker an interesting OS ambient was created

Big Salute to Andy

Mobile Manufactures Releasing Their New Phones Every Year With Small Changes to Their Previously Launched Models, But Here Andy Says A Phone Should Not Die After An Year, He Says Essential Phone Will Grow With us Every Year.

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