FRP Unlock Motorola X Play / Droid Maxx 2

FRP Unlock Motorola X Play / Droid Maxx 2

FRP Unlocking Motorola X Play & Droid Maxx 2 is Now Available with us, It’s a FREE Bypass Method to Remove Google Login Sign in Screen from Motorola X Play & Droid Maxx 2 devices.

Motorola X Play & Droid Maxx 2 FRP Unlocking is Not So Hard as You think, even though I’ve added a video tutorial at the bottom of this page, to avoid confusion…

Take this tutorial as an educational element, By using this guide you are solely responsible for this.

Read each line carefully and follow them to Unlock FRP lock from Your Motorola X Play & Droid Maxx 2.

How to Remove FRP Lock From Motorola X Play & Droid Maxx 2?

Switch on your phone there you have select to ‘set up as a new option’ and connect
to a wifi network and wait till update and accept and continue ‘about your privacy option’.

After the complete updating, your phone will ask your Google account.

go back to the main menu there you select vision settings and enable talkback and swipe the screen, like in the shape of ‘L’ you will get talkback settings in that settings to click vol up and down button to get suspend talkback and click ok.

In the talkback, setting go for help option and in that go for the ‘get started with voice access’ there you will get access to the youtube video you have to select share button in that custom video, then you have to go to the google channel on youtube and click on the ‘Terms and privacy option’.

This can be achieved by tapping the topmost corner of the screen by doing so you will get access to chrome, there you have to download the following links

go to the URL download and install apex launcher.

go to the URL download and install FRP Unlock.

After the installation of FRP unlocks go the security option and disable Android Device Manager in the Device administrator and disable google play services in Apps.

Now go to the Accounts and Add your google account.

Now once again check your google play service is disabled or not if not, disable it again and go to talkback option.

and disable that too.

Restart Your Phone

After restarting your phone go to set up as a new option.

The phone will go updating wait till it updates and after the updating, you can see that your account has been added successfully click next and continue…

Disable backup to google option and send usage and diagnostic data and then press ok.

After that click Google now launcher option, and go to the phone status option in about phone and click triple times in build number and enable OEM Unlocking option in the developer.

now your phone is ready to use…

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