FRP Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950

FRP Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950

Switch on your Device and mark everything in ‘Checkout some info to get started’ and skip the ‘bring your old data option’.

Connect to a wifi network and click the next option to wait until it updates.

After the update, your phone will ask to enter your google account.

Go back to the main menu and insert a non-active SIM card (Sim Will be damaged).

Setup a PIN lock first on your SIM card.

After entering the Sim card Your phone will ask Sim lock code.

Enter 3 times WRONG PIN lock, this will lock SIM card to PUK security.

Enter 8 times WRONG PUK lock now, You will be asked to Enter a new PIN and then confirm it -Enter the WRONG PIN twice.

After 10 retries, the SIM card will be damaged and/or locked permanently and this will give you ACCESS to phone.

Click notification settings and go to youtube from there you select google privacy policy from in-app notification settings.

There you can find Google chrome click accept and continue option without sign in to chrome.

By using google chrome.

By using google chrome go to the URL download and install apex launcher.

go to the URL download and install Android_6_GAM.

go to the URL download and install Frp_Bypass.

No need to sign in to chrome for installation.

After the installation open FRP bypass, it will ask your password to go to the sign-in option in the topmost right corner of your phone.

There you have to enter your google account and password.

After sign in go back to the main menu and close all recently used tabs.

Go to the account settings there you can see your account is synced successfully restart your device thereafter.

Your Phone will ask PUK Code after it turns you have to enter the correct PUK that you already set.

Click agree to all the above option to get a start and then click skip now option, after clicking to the next button your phone will check for the updates after the installation of all updates.

After a while, your phone screen will show that your account is added then move to Next, disable backup to google option and send usage and diagnostic data and then press ok.

Disable all apps recommended options.

Now you skip other things and the Finish button finally.

FRP Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950 is done.