How To Activate WhatsApp Calling

How To Activate WhatsApp Calling

How To Activate WhatsApp Calling, WhatsApp’s voice calling feature is now available for all Android users. The world’s most popular messaging app introduced this feature recently and rolled it out gradually to its Android users. If you are not an Android user, you’ll just have to wait a little longer to get this feature.

STEPS: Activate WhatsApp Calling

  1. Make sure you are using a good antivirus and that it is updated.
  2. Download WhatsApp v560 from the original WhatsApp website
  3. Download WhatsApp v561
  4. Rename the apk files according to your wish so that you can identify the two versions easily. For example, WhatsApp560.apk and WhatsApp561.apk, respectively
  5. Now copy both the apk files to your smartphone’s storage.
  6. Install WhatsApp v561 by simply tapping on the apk file using any file manager app. Make sure you have ‘Unknown sources’ checked in ‘Settings’ to install apps from third-party sources. The option should pop up on its own if you don’t have it enabled.
  7. Now go to ‘Settings’ and then to ‘Application Manager’ where all your apps are listed/running. Find WhatsApp and ‘Force Stop’ it. This will kill the WhatsApp application running in the background so that WhatsApp can restart again. Don’t worry, your contacts and registration will not be reset. This step is faster than restarting the entire smartphone again, unless you wish to reboot.
  8. Now wait for a WhatsApp enabled caller to call you, or if you know someone who has it, request him/her to call you. Once you receive the call, WhatsApp calling feature is enabled for you.
  9. Now that your WhatsApp Calling feature is enabled, you can go back to step 6, but install the original WhatsApp v560 app which was downloaded from the website. This app is the official WhatsApp release and will assure you that you are using original software. The v561 WhatsApp version will be overwritten by the official one.
  10. Continue with step 7 and you are all done. WhatsApp calling should be enabled for you.

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We tried these steps during the day of writing this article and confirmed that it worked on two the smartphones we tried it on. If you are trying the same, and if it worked for you too, do report the same in the comments below. If you find anything fishy that was in the unofficial version of WhatsApp (v561), then please do report back to WhatsApp