How to Turn Off Find My iPhone

How to Turn Off Find My iPhone

How to Turn Off Find My iPhone is the Most Asked Question to me since 2012… Because People Still Thinking I’m the right person to ask such questions… They weren’t wrong. I’m Unlocking Phones Since 2004.

Yes, Before Apple Released their first Smartphone in 2007, I’ve Unlocked more than a 100K phones. And then I started Unlocking Apple too. Doesn’t Matter it’s Apple or Orange (a UK Network ) I continue on My Job.

Coming to the Point, You asked about Unlocking iCloud Lock right? That is Possible, What do you think if I tell you iCloud Lock could Unlock for FREE… You won’t believe it right?

I know How to Turn Off Find My iPhone, majority of you like people won’t believe. Because many online sites and forums already said, iCloud Unlocking is not Possible. But Here you will get all those details to Unlock, I’m Sorry… Turn OFF Find My iPhone.

How to Turn Off Find My iPhone
Turn OFF Find My iPhone

How to turn off find my iPhone without password?

Before everything, I wish you know the Facts about Turn OFF Find My iPhone.

FMI: ON is in Apple’s Server and Not in Your iPhone.

Yes, That’s a Fact. While setup iCloud Account the Login Details Stores in Apple Server. Just Like our email services. All those data are stored on the clouds.

And iPhone Just goes through a required verification check to verify the ownership.

Every iPhone Needs to be Activated Once it Hard Reset or Software upgraded. Previously logged in ID and Password Required to Pass the Activation Process.

iPhone Connects to Apple’s server through Wi-Fi or the Connected Internet.

Then iPhone Request Authentication from the Server. It Must need the Owners ID and Password.

Somehow, you forgot your own ID or Password.

We have four methods to Turn Off Find My iPhone.

  1. Official Unlock to Turn Off Find My iPhone
  2. Paid Unlock to Turn Off Find My iPhone
  3. Bypass methods to Turn Off FMI
  4. Hardware Replacement. ( Highly NOT Recommended )

In the below sections, I’m gonna reveal each method in detail. There I’ll describe all those details about how to turn off find my iPhone without password.

You know one thing, so many people asked me how to turn find my iPhone off. There is some simple methods. which helps you to turn off find my iPhone from computer.

Still some people having doubts about does find my iPhone work when phone is dead. for them my Answer is NO, Once iPhone is Dead, It can’t connect to the Internet… so Apple couldn’t find the Location or any data.

Recently one person asked me how to turn off find my iPhone when phone is locked. My answer to him is, You can do it online by going to

In this below sections, I’ll tell you more details about this. turn off find my iPhone without password. And how accurate is find my iPhone. All those info you are going to read below. Mostly you will know after that how to turn off find my iPhone from computer.

Know, How to Turn Off Find My iPhone?

Here you are going to learn how to reset iPhone without apple id when find my iPhone is on. find my iPhone activation lock removing a device from a previous owner’s account hack. If you can’t turn off find my iPhone, Kindly go through our below steps. how to turn off find my iPhone from iCloud is the main thing I’m gonna reveal below. iPhone turn off find my iPhone. if you are seeking how to disable find my iPhone on a stolen phone, then kindly take this at your risk.

All those information in this page is for educational purpose. Do it at your risk and responsibility.

Method #1

Turn Off Find My iPhone By Official Method

This is the easiest and safest method ever used to Turn Off Find My iPhone. And this also knows as the Recommended by Apple Method.

But, everybody can’t Unlock iCloud Lock using this Method. You’ll know the reason very soon.

Apple is Unlocking iCloud Lock from Your iPhone, Means Apple Turn Off Find My iPhone.

For that, You have to Produce some Documents to Apple, That should prove you are the owner of this iPhone. If you can’t prove, then forget about this method.

I’ve written, iCloud Unlocking by Official Method A Complete Guide. That Talks about Each step to Unlock iCloud Lock Officially.

Method #2

Paid Method to Turn Off Find My iPhone

This is the same formulae of Official Method to Unlock iCloud Lock from Your iPhone. In the Previous method, You’ve to produce documents to Apple, and They Turn FMI: OFF Officially.

But here, Professional Unlockers works for you. They will find the Owner and Documents by using their Trade secret methods. And them Produces the Documents to Apple behalf of the Owner. Then Apple Verifies the documents and Unlocks Your Phone.

Professional Unlockers Like Fastunlocker ( Since 2004 ) Can easily find the Owner and Documents by their contacts in GSM Field.

So, they charge you some amount and do all the procedures as recommended by Apple.

As a Phone Owner, You may buy the phone second hand or bought it from eBay like Online Marketplace. So finding the Real Owner and the Real Documents is not an easy task.

Here, Professional Unlockers like Fastunlocker comes into Action and They work for you and charge you little.

Paid Method to Turn Off Find My iPhone is Technically the same as iCloud Unlocking Official.

Method #3

Turn Off Find My iPhone with Apple Bugs

I know, You’ve waited for this. You May Don’t have enough money to go for an iCloud Unlock by Paid Method nor having the Documents to do it Directly.

Almost 90% of People are the same as you, for them here I’m gonna reveal the details about Bypassing the iCloud Lock.

Yea, You heard it right. It’s Just Bypass, Not the Turn Off Find My iPhone. As I said Earlier Turn Off Find My iPhone should be on Apple’s server.

Only Apple Can do that? Not Exactly… ( Keep it as Secret )

Many H@k3rs found Bugs on Apple server. Those bugs were Patched instantly by Apple. But… sometimes, Yes Still sometimes… Those Bugs are coming periodically.

Trust me or Not, but it worth trying to take benefits from Apple Bugs.

Is it Right? Yea… if Just for an educational purpose… try it Your self.

I’m sure, It won’t work Always, but it works sometimes. I repeat sometimes.

You know, many people reported me thanks personally by following those methods, they tried again and over again… Day after Day… and One day. that worked.

Apple iOs Bugs are more easy to identify and bypass.

I’ve written a Wonderful Guide Here, That describes all those Bug Hunting Tips.

Click here to Get iCloud Unlock Methods and more details about Apple Bugs.

Method #4

iCloud Unlocking by Hardware Replacement

This is not that much easy as the previous ones, But Technically, Only this is Possible in most of the situations.

How do this work?

There are mainly two methods.

  1. Replace the Complete Motherboard
  2. Re-Write IMEI & Serial Number in Main Chip

First one is the Easiest method Because anybody can find a Display Damaged iPhone on anywhere online or offline. The display may cost high, and the owner may think to buy a new iPhone.

So, The Damaged Phones Owner is willing to sell the phone, for the Motherboard. iCloud Locked Phone Owner can buy The Display damaged phone and Took the Mother Board and Setup in his Locked Phone.

Technically, This is the easiest method. Sometimes It worth and sometimes not.

Another method is Re-Writing the Chipset.

Service Center Engineers are Having Blank Chip or Working Chip they Took from another phone and kept with them. Some iPhone may have a serious injury on board and display, But only the Main chip was found Good.

Technicians Took and Kept those chip and resealed damaged phone as Total Loss.

Those Main Chip can be Fixed in This iCloud Locked Phone. Grind and Remove the Existing Chip from iPhone Motherboard and replace the working chip.

Another Method is Writing IMEI & Serial Number in Blank Chip. This method used when a working chip not found in stock or a motherboard also not available to replace.

Technicians have the Chip Programming Tools, Takes Old iPhone’s IMEI and Serial Number Along with some other numbers. and flashing a Firmware into the blank chip, then writing the Serial & IMEI into the chip.

After the blank chip is written a serial and IMEI, it is going to fix in a Motherboard as I described above.

I’ve written a Complete Guide about iCloud Unlocking By Hardware. You can Find more Details and Videos about How to Unlock iCloud Lock by Hardware Change.


iCloud Unlocking by Turbo SIM

You may hear about Turbo Sim, that used to Unlock iPhone Network Lock. Turbo Sim is an Activator sim for Network Locked iPhones. Which Helps to Bypass the Network Lock Activation Stuck Screen.

Turbo Sim Bypass the Activation Screen and Network Sim Works After that.

See How a Turbo Sim Unlocks an iPhone. The Same Method May Work for iCloud. But This Kind of Turbo Sim for iCloud is Not Yet Available.

But, I’ve heard some secret information from Russian H@k3rs… There some group working hard to build something like Turbo Sim to Bypass iCloud Lock.

In Near Future, It’ll be available in GSM Markets.

So, these are the Information for Today. Don’t forget to click on those links I added above inside each topic. There is more detailed information available.

And here I’m sure you have learned a lot about How to Turn Off Find My iPhone.

Finally, I’ve to add some Most Valuable Information, and That is…

Don’t Underestimate Apple. They’ve Talented Engineers Inside. Finding each loop and Patching them soon.

But, Trying Hard Never Fails… So Good Luck.

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