How to Unlock FRP Lock from Huawei Mate 40E?

I’m so sad to know that you have an FRP Locked Huawei Mate 40E, but I’m happier than you because I have a solution to Unlock it.

Sounds Great? FRP Lock in Huawei Mate 40E is trigger when someone tried to Hard Reset the phone.

If you know the before logged in Google ID and Password then it’s so much easy to unlock it. But I know you don’t have it, that’s why you are here.

One thing is sure, You can Unlock the phone without any trouble. You are at the right place.

Let me tell you one thing before I describe the methods. Fastunlocker is the World’s first website that provided FRP Unlock service Online.

Remove FRP Lock from Huawei Mate 40E is easy if you use the Official method. and we only have that.

You can find many websites providing cracks and hacks to remove FRP Lock from Huawei Mate 40E. I’d like to say the truth, those methods will damage your phone for sure.

Who wants to get the IMEI Null?

Who wants to void the Warranty?

Those people, who is searching for a FREE FRP Unlock is trying to damage their EPROM and EFS File system.

Those FREE methods can easily damage your device.

But, as I said earlier… We Only have the Official 100% Guranteed FRP Unlock.

Fastunlocker is the Only website, that provides the Safest FRP Unlock Method.

How to Unlock FRP Lock from Huawei Mate 40E?

  1. Click on the ” GET FRP UNLOCK KEY” Button below.
  2. A new page will open, Enter your Device’s IMEI there.
  3. Then, click on “GET NOW” – Fill in your details and complete the payments.
  4. We’ll process your IMEI with the Huawei database and find your FRP Key.
  5. You’ll receive an email after few hours with Your FRP KEY.
  6. Download the FRP Unlock Tool, we sent along with FRP Unlock Key.
  7. Turn ON your Phone and Reboot to ADB Mode.
  8. Connect your Huawei device to a Windows PC’s USB.
  9. Open the FRP Unlock Tool and Paste your FRP Unlock Key.
  10. Click on the Unlock Button – the device will restart with FRP Unlocked.

These 10 easy steps clarify how does this FRP Unlock Huawei Mate 40E work.
But I have a video to show you How does this look like in real life.

Just like you saw in the video, Unlocking FRP lock from Any Huawei Device is Easier than you think. Get your Huawei FRP Key and Unlock it yourself.

You may have some questions about this Huawei Mate 40E FRP Unlock Key… I’ll try to answer few questions.

Unlocking by using FRP Unlock Key is Permanent?

100% YES.
Unlocking Huawei Mate 40E FRP Lock is Using an Official FRP Unlock Key is 100% Permanent.

Huawei FRP Unlock Key is Guaranteed?

To Unlock Your Huawei Mate 40E FRP Lock, this is the Only Guaranteed Method. This FRP Unlock Key is provided by the same company that manufactured your device. That means it’s a Factory Unlocking service.

How safe this FRP Unlock Key?

Think about you have locked your home door and missed the Key.
Then, You have two ways to Unlock the door.
Call an Ironworker and break the lock using a hammer and open the door.
it’ll damage your lock for sure, also some damages to your door too…


Get a metal detector to find your missed Key, and Unlock the door using the right key.

if your friend has A metal detector, Who will you call? the ironworker or your friend with a metal detector?

Fastunlocker is your friend with a Metal detector, we’ll find you the right key to Unlock your phone.

When I can get the FRP Key for my Huawei Mate 40E?

Normally, it’ll take 6 to 24 hours, But sometimes it may take a delay up to 48 hours.

Anyway, we’ll try to deliver the Huawei Mate 40E FRP Unlock Key early as possible.

What are the least requirements to Unlock FRP lock from Huawei Mate 40E?

  • You must have a Windows PC.
  • You must have a USB cable to connect your phone to your PC.
  • Your phone must communicate with your PC.

It’s simple as that. I wish you a happy unlocking. have a great day.

Join in the community to ask your doubts, our experts will help you if you still have any issues…