How to Unlock Samsung by Cable

How to Unlock Samsung by Cable

How to Unlock Samsung by Cable is not Mean Samsung Phones can be Unlock by Some USB cables, it actually means we need to connect the phone into the computer to make the phone is connected, and we perform an unlock through the computer using Samsung unlock client, Samsung unlock by cable method is a different method of unlocking, people may be unaware about it, Everybody knows Samsung Phone Unlock by Code method, where phone asks for SIM NETWORK UNLOCK PIN, there we enter a code for unlocking the network.

I Have Written a Complete Guide About How to Unlock Samsung By Unlock Code?

What is Samsung Unlock by Cable?

Samsung Unlock by cable is an Alternative Unlocking Service for Samsung devices, Fastunlocker is able to unlock almost all model Samsung phones using a USB cable, some Samsung models unlocking by code cost is high, this is why we provide the cheapest method of unlocking for our customers,

Unlock by cable is also a permanent unlocking service same as Unlock by Code. There is nothing is different from unlocking by code, In The Unlock by code Method we putting unlock code directly into the phone, the code delivery may take up to 2 days, here unlock by cable is instant, just connect phone with a USB cable, and RUN Samsung Unlock Client, it will Read and Auto Enter Unlock Code into the phone.

Requirements :

Samsung Phone to Be Unlocked
Original USB Cable
Windows PC
Samsung ADB Driver installed – Download
High-Speed Internet
Team Viewer Installed ( We need to connect to your computer )
Team viewer Alternatives Also Accepted
Enable USB Debug – See How to Enable?
Some Models Must Be Rooted For Unlock By cable
After Unlock You can Unroot and Upgrade Software
Unlocking is Instant to Minutes ( Depends upon our online presence )

How we unlock your phone by Cable?

  • Install Team Viewer or any remote pc sharing software to connect us into your pc
  • install ADB Driver for successful connection of your Samsung phone into the computer
  • Once we come to your PC over the Internet – Connect your Phone to the PC
  • We will install the Samsung Unlock Client Licence by Samsung
  • We, Will, Unlock the phone within a minute – if everything is OK
  • Your Phone will Reboot With Unlocked Network

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