iPhone Carrier Unlock Turbo Sim

iPhone Carrier Unlock Turbo Sim

iPhone Carrier Unlock Turbo Sim is a Temporary Method to Unlock Apple iPhone Carrier Lock. Turbo Sim is a Tiny Chip Which Unlocks The iPhone From Locked Network.

Unlock iPhone By Turbo Sim is Not a Permanent or Official Method of Unlocking.

Mostly People Using Turbo sim to Unlock iPhones While Factory Unlock Cost is High or Official Unlock Service Not Available.

It’s a Small Piece of hardware designed to insert in the SIM slot with a Sim card.

All we need to place the sim (Airtel, Vodafone, Jio ) on the Turbo Chip and both together go into the phone, and we have the network. That will make it function like a factory unlocked iPhone as long as your sim is on the Turbo Sim.

iPhone Unlock Sim Cards – A Brief List

Many Kinds of iPhone Unlocking Sim Cards Available in the Market, All of them using Different Technology and Softwares.

In The Begining Stage Unlocking Chip required Manual Configuration, now they work Automatic plug and play method.

  • Gevey SIM
  • X-Sim
  • R-Sim
  • iSim Turbo

iPhone Carrier Unlock Turbo Sim – How it Works?

  • Open Sim Tray
  • Insert Unlock Chip Along With Sim Card to be Worked
  • Turn on The Phone – Phone Unlocked

iPhone Unlock Sim – Video

Watch This Video to See How Does This Actually Works.

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The original Turbo SIM answered a single boot query claiming that it was an AT&T SIM; all subsequent questions passed through to the real SIM, and so the baseband was able to talk to the local GSM network without problems.

Apple modified the baseband firmware to the use of the Turbo SIM by performing two queries. These would not match, and the SIM rejected as invalid. The fix for Apple’s fix was to answer the first two questions with the AT&T SIM ID, and subsequent requests with the actual SIM ID.

Turbo Sim Will Work Forever? – NO

Apple further modified the baseband firmware to the use of the Turbo SIM by performing a query on tower hand-off. Tellingly, when your iPhone was handed off from one cell tower to another, it would re-query the SIM, and the Turbo SIM would not answer, and so it would not be an AT&T SIM ID, and the cell would lock up. But as long as you did not move between cell towers (i.e., you were not relatively stationary in a coverage overlap zone, and you were not running between zones, e.g., travelling by car, train, etc.), it was functional.

Here where things in the arms race currently stand. Buy an Unlocked iPhone instead of using Turbo SIM.

Should this escalate further, the obvious answer for Apple is also to modify the baseband firmware and have it do the initial query, and cache the result? If it were to do so, a Turbo SIM claiming to be an AT&T SIM to the iPhone would have that SIM ID contended to the cellular network. And the iPhone would just not work at all, whatsoever.

It May done in an iOS update.

So your best bet would be just to buy an unlocked iPhone, rather than purchasing a locked iPhone and trying to spoof the carrier.

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