iPhone X Tips and Tricks

iPhone X Tips and Tricks

Many iPhone X features are intuitive, but few of them are not quite as obvious. Here we provide 18 iPhone X tips and tricks you must know about.

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Pushing Down Side Button to Activate Siri

Pushing Down the Right Hand Sided Button on the Device will Activate SIRI Function.

Side Button Double Tap For Apple Pay

Apple Pay is an Easier Payment Method Which Avoids you Take the Debit or Credit Card from your Wallet.

Just Double Tap Right Sided button on the iPhone X for Instant Pay Using Apple Pay.

Home Indicator For App Switching

As You Know Apple iPhone X Have no Physical Home Button. Bottom of the iPhone X Screen Having a Home Indicator, which is used for unlocking the iDevice and for activating the app switcher.

To Use App Switcher, Just Drag the Opened App With Your fingers to the Home Indicator, Then Screen will Display all the opened Apps lined up.

You can easily select from them.

Return Home by Swipe the Bottom Edge

You can use the Home indicator line to go back to the home screen if you have an app is opened.

On the Home screen, swipe from the bottom edge will take you back to the first page.

Switch Between Recent Apps by Swipe Left or Right

Very Easiest method to switch between recently opened apps is just swiping on Home indicator right or left.

Cover Sheet and Control Center

Cover Sheet Also Known as Notification Area, Can be Opened by Swipe Down From The Screen’s Left Notch.

Control Center where we can do instant settings, Which comes while swap down from the right Notch.

Animoji Setup

create custom animated messages with the facial expressions using the Face ID face recognition system, Which is built into the front of the iPhone X.

Open a message, tap on the App Store icon and then tap on the Mouth opened Monkey icon. Scroll to choose an Animoji and touch and hold the red record icon or tapping on the Animoji to send an animated photo. Animoji videos possible to record up to 110 seconds and sent through iMessage.

Closing Opened Apps

Activate the App Switcher by swiping on the Home Indicator at the bottom of iPhone X Screen and dragging the app over to the right.

Then push down on an app for a few seconds until you see a red button at the top of each app card.

Then slide up on the app just as you do on other iPhones or tap on the red button to close the app.

It’s handy if you want to close an app running in the background such as a streaming music app or a GPS app.

Take Screenshots on iPhone X

Press and Hold the Volume UP button and The Right Side Button.

Hard Reset iPhone X

Press and Release the Volume UP Button

Press and Release the Volume Down Button

Press and Hold the Side Button, Until Device Restart and Release it.

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