LG Harmony 2 LM-X410CS FRP Unlock FREE

LG Harmony 2 LM-X410CS FRP Unlock FREE

FRP Unlock LG Harmony 2 LM-X410CS is now Available for FREE.

We Have posted an article a few days before that helps to remove FRP Lock from All Model LG Phones.

This is Created for educational purposes only, so take it in your risk.

Switch on your phone and skip insert Simcard option and connect to wifi, wait until it updates after the update your phone will ask for verifying google account after the updates.

Now go back to the main menu there click on accessibility and move to settings and select talkback settings and help option from there, select use morse code and see its custom video from youtube from there you select the google channel and you will get access to use chrome from there.

Now go to chrome and search for google maps to enable google voice search…

  1. You’re supposed to use your own Google/Outlook/Yahoo!/Samsung Accounts.
  2. You have to say “Open Google” or “Open Google Search App” on Google Maps.
  3. In Help & feedback search for “Use Morse Code” if you don’t see YouTube video pop-up.

Then by using google chrome search for contacts and open setup new contact option

go to contact settings and enable online search

by using add a new contact in add new contact option enter your mail id and password

click to add ‘client certificate’ In order to add a client certificate you have to draw an unlock pattern, you can set up the new pattern by using this trick, your phone will ask your fingerprint add it to let it scan properly.

Thereafter restart the phone, your phone will ask a new unlock pattern you setup..unlock it.

After it turns on and wait until it updates, and skip google account option.

disable backup to google option and send usage and diagnostic data and then press ok.

Disable all apps recommended options.

Now you skip other things and the Finish button finally.

Then go to settings and software info option and click thrice in build number and draw your unlock pattern there.

Now your phone is ready to use.

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