Mi Unlock Tool

Are you Looking for Mi Unlock Tool? Means, you are fed up with the Sign-in Lock on the Xiaomi device. and trying to Unlock Mi Account Lock, correct? if yes, then you are at the right place at the right time.

Just follow my steps to get mi account unlock tool and I’ll let you know how to unlock mi account.

On this page you are going to receive a mi account unlock tool rar file and its password. Of course, you will get links to mi account to unlock tool.rar file download.

Our mi account unlock tool.rar is a mi flash unlock tool this can unlock your Mi Account. Before you start to Unlock Mi Account, I wish you know some details about this lock. So that will help you to know what you are exactly going to do. Am I right? if yes, go ahead…

What is Mi Account?

According to some Tech Journalists: The MI account is a cloud-based service function developed by Xiaomi Technology for the MIUI system.

The user can bind the MI account in the MIUI system to synchronize the contacts, text messages, photo albums, and some system settings to the server for backup, and can access the data using a computer or other MIUI device.

In other words, we can say Mi Account is something similar to Apple’s iCloud. It’s a Cloud Storage and with some security.

Mi Account works same as Apple’s iCloud… in that way, Mi Phone’s owner can put an Account to Operate Security and storage remotely. Sometimes Owner forgets the password or sells the device, Mi Account gets locked. The same scenario of iCloud Lock.

So, on this page, we are going to learn, how to unlock mi account.

How to unlock mi account with Mi Unlock Tool?

In this section, we gonna learn how to unlock mi account without password and how to download mi account unlock tool.

Also, I’ll mention how to unlock mi phone without mi account here in this same section.

see, mi account unlock tool.rar is the main requirement for this operation. so, you must download mi account unlock tool, and follow the steps…


  1. Disable Antivirus and the Firewall of your PC
  2. Download mi account unlock tool
  3. Extract the Mi account unlock tool rar file to your PC folder.
  4. Run the MiAccountUnlock Tool.exe as Administrator
  5. Connect the device to the PC in Recovery Mode.
  6. Verify device communication with PC by clicking on the info button
  7. Device not detected? – Then Install Proper Drivers
  8. Communicates and Showing Info on the Software – Then Go Ahead
  9. Now, Click on Bypass Mi Account
  10. Stay connected Until the device shows the Home Menu.
mi unlock tool
mi unlock tool

Those were the simple steps to Unlock Mi Account Lock.

Do you know? mi account unlock tool rar download free, You don’t need to pay anybody anywhere.

And mi account unlock tool password is available just click on the download button. You will get mi account unlock tool for pc only. It is not available for Mac Yet. mi account unlock-tool password not required now.

Remember we added mi account unlock tool download free full version. So Enjoy!