Unlock Motorola FRP Lock Unlocking Latest Phones

Unlock Motorola FRP Lock Unlocking Latest Phones

Unlock FRP lock Motorola Solution is Little Lengthy, So we are providing Step by Step guide, but This one is tested by us, actually, this method also works for some other models too, anyway, We tested it on Motorola G3 Locked with google FRP Lock, Anyway I Am Sure this Solution Will Work in Almost All Models of Motorola, At the Bottom, we are also Providing Some another method to Unlock FRP Lock in Motorola Devices, Unlock Motorola FRP Lock.

Motorola FRP Lock Unlocking – Previous Method

Unlock FRP Lock in Motorola Phones

Method 1 ( Step By Step Guide )

Every Step Below is Very Very Important, Go Through The Steps Many Times While You are trying to Unlock your Device, Few Files Should Be Downloaded Before You Starting the Procedure, Motorola Special FRP Unlock Files Uploaded at the Bottom of This Article, Download The Files Through Your Phone

  1. Charge Your Phone up to 100%, Keep Charger Connected.
  2. Start the phone – connect to WiFi – Get to the last screen ( Google Verify ) and Press on Text input and open Google Keyboard Settings (Long press @ on Bottom Left).
  3. Press ‘Text correction’ and ‘Personal dictionary’.
  4. Choose any language, press + on top right to add a new record.
  5. Input anything, long press on it to select all and again long press for menu, click ‘Share’ – Messaging
  6. Send the composed message to emergency number 112
  7. Press the phone icon that just appeared on the top right part of the screen
  8. Delete 112 from number selection and input *#*#4636#*#*
  9. In the opened window chose ‘Usage statistics’ and press back arrow on the TOP of the screen, ( not bottom )
  10. Now you are in Phone Settings
  11. Choose ‘Google’ menu, ‘Search and Now’, ‘Now Cards’, ‘Show cards’
  12. You have access to the search menu, input ‘Chrome’ and open browser – Visit http://www.m.aptoide.com/ ( Install This App Store in your Phone )
  13. Also Download Nova, MultiWindow
  14. Go back, to the previous search menu (you must press back few times and re-enable ‘Show cards’ again
  15. Input ‘Downloads’ and open the downloads folder.
  16. Install MultiWindow, Press Done ( Phone might ask to allow ‘Unknown sources’ installations’, Turn it ON )
  17. Open MultiWindow
  18. Insert the shortcut to Nova Launcher to the menu on the left side of the screen. Go back to the Android main screen
  19. Go to Aptoide App store From Menu Install File Explorer
  20. Install Our Moto Special FRP Files Using File Explorer ( Files Available Below Download Section )
  21. Open Test_DPC, choose ‘Set up device owner’ and ‘SET UP’, select to Encrypt, wait until Phone Reboots and Enters setup screen again
  22. Ignore pop-up window about and access Multi Window shortcut on the left side of the screen ( Tap the middle of the left edge of the screen, even if there are no arrows there) to open Nova Launcher
  23. Open Settings and Accounts, log in your own Google account to the system
  24. Restart Phone – Congratulations, Now Your Phone is FRP Unlocked

Steps On Video

Download Motorola FRP Unlock Files