How to Root Redmi Go

Root Redmi Go

Fortunately, You are at the right place to Root Redmi Go Phone. This is the latest Xiaomi’s Entry Level Phone.

Launched on 28-March-2019 in India You Can Buy From Here.

Today we have the Rooting Method for Xiaomi Redmi Go.

Before we sharing the root method, Please check its advantages and disadvantages. Rooting Allows you to enable many functions also it voids your phones warranty. I have mentioned almost all the pros and cons of Rooting a Phone.

Advantaes of Root Xiaomi Redmi Go

Mostly people Rooting Android Phones to Install custom ROMs. Ex: if your phone has Android 8.0 and the manufacturer not yet released the latest update 9.1, Then You can try Flashing a Custom ROM. This Flashing requires root access.

Others Rooting their phones to remove pre-installed OEM apps, which is easting a lot of data at the background or sending logs to a remote server. If these pre-installed apps do make a problem on your phone, then you can try root and remove them from the software.

Maybe you need an App, but that not supported on your phone model, Sometimes root access helps you to make your phone compatible with the app.

The major advantage of Rooting a phone is CPU Clocking. yes, You can improve processor speed if you Overclock it.

What are the Disadvantages of Redmi Go Rooting

I mentioned some advantages above, so here are its disadvantages. The Main disadvantage is the warranty void. if you perform any modification to the device software, then it voids the warranty. Rooting is a modification, So your device no more covered under manufacturer warranty.

NO More OTA Updates is another major disadvantage of a rooted device. I will share more in detail later.

Redmi Go Root Steps

  1. Install TWRP Custom Recovery
  2. Download and Copy to the device storage
  3. Rename the file to
  4. Turn the Phone OFF, Restart to TWRP Recovery
  5. Once the TWRP Boot Menu Comes – Tap on Wipe Cache & Wipe Data
  6. Then, Tap on Install – Select – Now Install
  7. After installation Successful – Restart Your Phone
  8. Phone is Now Rooted

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