WhatsApp Marketing Software

WhatsApp Marketing Software

WhatsApp marketing is coming to action when Google and Facebook are not giving you results for your business.

Google and Facebook are the main sources of web traffic for many websites. But People like me is also using WhatsApp like Apps to get traffic.

This Methods Really helped us to Grow our business, We bring more visitors to our site through WhatsApp.

So Today I am Here sharing you the methods and software I used to bring More Traffic to my site.

You know, WhatsApp requires to save a contact number on the phone, then only the official app shows that number to send a message.

but our WhatsApp marketing tool can send bulk messages without saving any numbers into phone contacts. Our Software works something like copy paste bulk numbers.

Simply Copy the Numbers You Wanted to send messages, an write the Text, Click on send… That’s it.

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How to Do bulk whatsapp marketing

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing is the Main Advantage of Our Software. This Program is Actually made to Send Millions of Messages. You Can Use it for Unlimited Numbers.

Our WhatsApp Software Can Get Engagements from people. This is Not Just For Sending, Also This Software Can get Replies from the Users.

How to Start a WhatsApp Campaign?

  1. Collects WhatsApp Numbers for Your Campaign
  2. Click on WhatsApp Icon on the Left Panel, A WhatsApp QR Window will Open
  3. Open Your Phone’s WhatsApp & Got WhatsApp Web – Scan the QR Code on Phone
  4. Now, Your Phone and Our WhatsApp Software is Connected together
  5. Simply goto the Settings Tab and do changes if you wish to put delay between messages
  6. Then, Click on The Message Icon, and Type your text message, or iMport Your Video or Image
  7. Same Windows, there is Contacts upload Button, Click on that and Import your CSV Contacts
  8. After Done, Start Sending Messages.

Advantages of Our WhatsApp Marketing Software

Many Fake WhatsApp Softwares are Available Online, But They are Supposed to Connect Single WhatsApp Number at a Time. The Real problem Comes When you Start Sending Bulk messages.

WhatsApp’s Intelligent Spam Detector Will Check periodically and Blocks those numbers who sending the same messages to unknown numbers. So Here Once a Campaign is started, WhatsApp blocks their number, so what happened, between that campaign stops. Marketor should connect Another Number to send more messages.

But, Our Software is More Intelligent Than WhatsApp

Our WhatsApp Marketing Tool Can Connect to Multiple Accounts at a Time. Yes… That’s Possible and Only Available on Our Software.

What is the Advantage Then? , Think, Once the Software Connected with 10 WhatsApp Accounts, We Can Decide how many Messages from each number should send.

For Example, we set 4 Messages from each number, What Happened… First Account sending 4 Messages to Unknown Numbers… Then Second Account Start sending another 4.

So, it Continues, Finally, the 10th account sends 4 messages, so a total of 40 messages sent to 40 Unknown numbers. Which Takes Around 5 Minutes if we put some delays on the sending settings.

So, Our Software’s Connected first WhatsApp Account Sending its Next 4 Messages only after around 5 Minutes.

A Number is Sending 4 Messages in every 5 minutes, is NOT Detected as Spam. It Can’t be Detected as Spam.

So, All Your WhatsApp Accounts are Safer than Other Fake Sending Softwares.

This is the Main Advantage of Our WhatsApp Bulk Marketing Software.

WhatsApp Marketing Tool

WhatsApp Marketing Tool is Available now Exclusively for Sale. This WhatsApp Bulk Sending Tool is Licensed to Lifetime Unlimited Usage.

A Detailed video Will upload Very Soon in This Section.

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